Welcome,  a wee bit of background......I have been involved in visual art, photography and graphic work for over forty years. The first commercial graphic work undertaken was for Guinness when the simplified harp was introduced to the branding. Over the many years since then I have worked with a wide range of clients and artists throughout the world, published two books of landscape photography, several calendars and continue to regularly contribute to book publications, magazines and editorials over a wide range of subjects.   A lifetime of experience in time bound assignments and contract work allows me to deliver to set targets and objectives with an holistic, versatile approach covering a wide range of subjects, in both photography and graphics.  Each piece of work no matter how small or large receives the same personal attention to detail and quality.


Recent work includes:  Portraiture for the Royal Courts of Justice,    Photography for  'Excellence in Northern Ireland',    Book assignment for 178 churches in Winconsin, USA  and   'Seamus Heaney's  Homeplace ' -  Tourism Ireland.


I continue on a parallel path with my own personal work with surreal montage and figurative work both in studio and landscape settings. Following an avid interest in local history, heritage and culture I have, since the mid 90s, researched, written and photographed all content for a website that is now under the Causeway Coastal Route domain, a link can be found in the menu above.


There are three distinct parts to what I do with a camera.....for me personally the term 'photography'  is about capturing what I see as closely as possible in terms of light, perspective and detail, it is very easy to make pretty pictures with nd filters and software but the challenge lies in capturing reality as it is to captivate the eye.  The photo - montage - graphic  work flows in the opposite direction, into the surreal, the world of software manipulation which we never see in reality and comes from imagination. The figurative work spontaneously captures a living moment that conveys a sense of spirit and place with grace, expression and beauty.


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