— purchase photographic work —

How I work with my images: I do not like to hawk and deluge people with online sales pitches nor do I stock a range of mounted prints for people to choose from.  You can find my photographic work posted online on two facebook pages (visulante and causeway coastal route) and a couple of websites. There is a link to both below.


 I  prefer producing bespoke images individually, this does not mean they are more expensive just unique to you and not one of hundreds.   So If you see anything you would like as a print then text or email.  I can print to your specific needs in terms of size,  from 8" x  6"  to billboard.   Prints can be produced on any medium you wish from basic photo paper to canvas, acrylic, wood, metal and aluminium.  My prices are less than  'generic ' online shops  and I ship insured worldwide.  For the more discerning client I can follow a brief for a visual, capture it and then produce to a bespoke size and install it for you.  Check out the links and remember these are all 'online' low resolution examples ......all originals are high resolution digital files.

— purchase artwork —

Currently I am working on a new project and website 'Fields of  Avalon' for  personal,  one off pieces of  figurative and montages artwork created in studio and on location.



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